Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[HTML/CSS] Bottom footer for reference

Yea! For once and for all, the bottom footer has been solved. I'm such a noob. Here is my reference to an example:

The only quirk I had once an extra spacing that was occurring at the bottom of the page. To help this, I added overflow:hidden to the wrapper container.


Monday, March 9, 2015

NodeJS,SVN Problems

I'll try to spill out my frustrations at the top of my head.

Getting ECONNRESET when doing npm install

Getting this error flag showing up on your screen sucks. To fix, you need to edit the registry URL in the user config file by typing npm config edit and changing the https in the URL to http.

Getting Certificate Expiration date in Eclipse SVN or tortoise

In Windows, search for {User}/AppData/Roaming/Subversive/auth or something along those lines. Delete all the subfolders in the directory, then try to perform actions to the repository. It may ask for your credentials again, so prepare yourself.