Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monitors Comparisons: LCD and LED so far...

I deleted the old LG E2550 vs ASUS VH236H thread. Just thought it was unfair to judge only 2 very different monitors specifically. So this thread will be a continuous rant of what I notice within the monitors that I have. For right now, I ONLY have the LG E2550 and ASUS VH236H. In future, I shall obtain more!!! So lets get started!


LG E2550T: The colors are very natural, cool, and crisp. When looking at the monitor with just a full screen HD picture loaded, I don't feel like I'm looking into a monitor anymore, but I feel like I'm staring through a window of a different dimension where everything in life is in HD. IMO, this would be perfect for graphic/video artists. I would have to test this with another monitor to see if LG is doing things right, or this is just a property of LED monitors.

On the other hand, the colors do not get vibrant, even if it tried. So when there is a lot of ambient light, especially light hitting the screen, the colors start to go pale and doesn't feel exciting anymore. In majority of cases, this shouldn't happen though.

VH236H: The colors are very vibrant, but maybe too vibrant to the point where colors seem to bleed and come out at you....BRO. For someone that stares at the screen a lot, they probably don't need the eyestrain from vivid colors jumping all over the place. So my configuration is to make the colors as natural, calm looking as possible. I could not get it anywhere as spectacular as the LG E2550T, and I could only reproduce a more pale-ish/gray-ish look. It's still good enough for reducing eyestrain though.

Objects with a yellow-to-orange shading looks very unnatural. Comparing the haystack wallpaper that comes stock in the Windows 7 OS, I notice the orange shading has a strong reddish tone to it, like it seems to be leaking ketchup or something. But I didn't really buy this monitor for this purpose of seeing bleeding ketchup. I will mention its purpose later.

Unlike the LG E2550T, ambient light glare does phase the ASUS! Turn on the elite scenery mode and you get colors that are especially pleasant to the eye. It still bleeds ketchup and it is not natural looking, but the visuals won't be as boring.


LG E2550T: This thing has an extreme contrast ratio. For example, when viewing the image of the haystack that comes stock in the Windows 7 OS, there are no big blobs of bright spots. Now pull up a browser with a web page that has a white background, and you'll be like, "Whoahh, close the shutters!!!!" Now put on a HD picture with the sun, and it really feels like you're staring into the sun! This is with brightness half way!

 I usually have the monitor brightness set to 0 when I'm doing beginner coding, but after awhile, the brightness of a white background still hurts my eyes. I know, I know, just change my background to white, right? Yea, but I'm lazy.

VH236H: This is one of the top reasons why I bought an LCD monitor. I heard the brightness can go loww, loww, low. When I'm coding with low-mid light ambience, I have the brightness at 0. It's kind of like looking at the ink-technology thingie that the old kindle uses, and I can stare at that for hours. When there is lots of light around, I switch to scenery mode where brightness turns up to about 50 I think.

Input Lag:

Okay, I went to some site for this one where you display a stop watch on both monitors. Then take a picture with both monitors in view, and the one that has a higher number has less lag. Here's the site:

I was surprise to see that the LG E2550T kept winning by .01 ms against the ASUS VH236H. I really have nothing more to say about this. 

Monitor Controls:

LG E2550T: Smooth as eggs. Love it and I don't miss tactile buttons on monitors anymore.

ASUS VH236H: Let's just say using the force still causes problems in operating these buttons. I hate them! Luckily, there are savable presets so I can jump from one mode to another without adjust brightness. *CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK* "YES! WENT FROM 95 to 91!!! 91 MORE CLICKS TO GO!!! SIGGGHHH~~~~


LED monitors only eat slim fast. THUMBS UP!
LCD monitors only eat tacos.
Just for fun.... CRT =

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